international development, humanitarian aid and climate change

Kiliza is a variation of the Swahili word for “listening”.

I have decided to create this blog because I believe current discussions on international development, humanitarian aid and climate change pay too little attention to what citizens from the ‘global South’ actually think.

Often decisions that have a direct impact on the lives of millions of people – particularly those living in poverty or conflict – are taken without consulting them properly.

And yet, it is exactly these people who often know best what it means to be poor or affected by a natural disaster. We – the policy ‘experts’, the economists, the development and climate change community at large – would probably do a much better job if we listened to them and took their advice more seriously.

There are no easy fixes to massive problems like poverty eradication but that should not give us the excuse to keep doing all the talking.

Kiliza aims to capture what people from the South – including from the world’s toughest places – say about development, international cooperation, the environment and climate change.

My dream is to help amplify unheard voices and share their wisdom with interested citizens, as well as those policymakers who want to take a more participatory approach to ending poverty, increasing resilience and protecting our planet.

This is a conversation that concerns us all, so Kiliza is written in a language that is accessible to anyone who is willing to pay attention.

Going forward, it will feature articles in English, as well as other languages spoken by the people I meet.

I hope you will want to engage in the conversation!

June 2023